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In 2014, H.D. “De” Kirkpatrick learned from a former high school classmate, Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick, that several of De’s ancestors were slaveholders in Charlotte, NC. Jimmie Lee informed De that De’s great-great grandfather, Hugh Kirkpatrick, had owned Jimmie Lee’s great-great-great grandfather, Sam Kirkpatrick. Below are two sources that tell a powerful series of stories.

The first source is actually two series comprised of six stories that were originally published in The Charlotte Observer. Series 1, published in 2013, was co-authored by Gary Schwab and David Scott. These three stories, called “Breaking Through,” are compelling, award winning pieces about Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick.

Series 2 was authored by Gary Schwab. The three stories, called “A Binding Truth,” published in 2014, are about Jimmie Lee’s and De’s shared history.

The second source is a grainy, amateur video of a stand-up monologue De gave to his Harvard classmates at their 45th reunion on October 23, 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It too is a powerful version of De and Jimmie’s story.

This section of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s website points in a new direction his work is taking him, as well as Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick. Together, they are exploring an emerging project: “The Kirkpatricks: An American Story in Black and White.”


Charlotte Observer Series

Series #1Pen

Article #1  February 23, 2013

Article #2  February 26, 2013

Article #3  March 2, 2013

Series #2

Article #1  February 15, 2014

Article #2  February 18, 2014

Article #3  February 22, 2014

The Kirkpatricks:  An American Story in Black and White



H. D. Kirkpatrick Cabaret monologue at Harvard, Class of 1970, 45th reunion 10/23/15