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You may order these novels in the following ways:

  • Direct from the Author: Contact Ms. Carol Beebe for a signed copy at clbeebe [at] carolina.rr.com.
  • Through PayPal:  Alienation of Affection is $14.95, plus S & H and applicable taxes.
  • Through PayPal: Trafficking Death is $19.95, plus S & H and applicable taxes.
  • Both books through PayPal:  Alienation of Affection and Trafficking Death: $34.90 plus S&H and applicable taxes.
  • From various independent book sellers.  These sources, for obvious reasons, are continually a changeable list.  Please check with Park Road Books (Charlotte, NC); The Regulator (Durham, NC); Books to be Red (Ocracoke, NC); Unhooked Books (online bookstore).